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23 February 2022

Heart Flower Collage

14 days of hearts - no. 6

I had some background papers leftover from this project so I decided to make something similar, but on a heart base.  I used a 100mm canvas board heart that I had lying around, but you could use any other type of heart substrate or glue several die cut hearts together to make a strong base.


  • Cover the heart in glue and then add strips of old book pages or newsprint background paper making sure to glue down any overlapping edges.
  • When dry paint lightly over the surface with white acrylic paint using a dry brush.  The aim is to soften the appearance of the text, but not to completely obscure it.
  • Using a dry brush again, paint around the edge of the heart with black paint.
  • Cut about 16 pointed ovals (petals), each about 1-inch long, from coloured patterned paper.
  • Use a hole punch or cut a small circle from scrap card.
  • Glue the (petals) around the circle to create a flower shape.  
  • Cut several smaller petals from the same coloured patterned paper and glue those around the centre of the flower. 
  • Add additional petals in the gaps between petals (optional) to fill out the flower.
  • For the stamens cut thin strips about 1/2 inch long from yellow patterned paper.
  • Glue them around the centre of the flower (tweezers would be very useful here!).
  • Use a hole punch or cut a small circle from the yellow patterned paper and glue that to the very centre of the flower.
  • Glue the completed flower to the canvas base.
  • Cut 3 leaf shapes about 1 1/2 inches long from green patterned paper and slot them in behind the flower.


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