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29 February 2020

AAA Cards - CAS Game: One Corner With Optional Twist (Old Supplies)

It's been ages since I participated in a blog challenge.  I'm making my comeback with the AAA Cards CAS challenge. The theme for this week is "one corner" with optional twist "love those old supplies". 

I stamped those flowers about 3 years ago then chucked the card into a pile where it's been lying forgotten since then. That counts as an old supply right? I pulled out that stamp set (Hunkydory "Floribunda" - also unused since I stamped those flowers) and stamped the leaves.  The sentiment came from another Hunkudory stamp set "Beautiful Babushkas". I coloured the leaves and flowers with watercolours. 

28 February 2020

Purple Flower Embroidery

I so enjoyed doing embroidery again that I went out and bought some 4" and 6" hoops.  I liked the way it looked on denim and as I still have a massive pile of denim scraps I've used that as my base fabric.

I love the flower! I used buttonhole wheel stitch for it, with black French knots at the centre.  I'm still working out how best to do leaves so there are quite a few different versions here.  But from where I started (bottom right leaf) I can definitely see a lot of improvement by the time I got to the last leaf.  I also like my attempts at a palm-like frond and a pine leaves.  I used an open leaf stitch for both.  The leaf clusters are simply lazy daisy stitches on a stem. 

These little projects are so much fun.  I see more embroidery in my future!  The 4" hoops are very portable and stitch up quickly enough to satisfy my impatient nature.  I'd like to try some different subjects like birds and butterflies as well as more florals of course.  I might even try my hand at designing a little project.