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29 January 2020

Back to My Roots

The very first needlecraft I tried was knitting.  My mum taught me how to cast on and knit a scarf when I was about 6 or 7.  When I went off to school at 8 I learnt sewing and embroidery and I really loved both.  However they both fell by the wayside.  Then around 2013 I took embroidery back up and practised on and off for about three years.  When I started I only knew how to chain stitch, but thanks to sites like Mary Corbet's Needle N Thread and PinTangle I learnt a whole range of different stitches.  But then I discovered papercrafting and my needlecrafts were all but forgotten. Until now!

I've been seeing a lot of really amazing embroidery via Instagram and Tumblr for a while now and thinking how great it would be to be able to create such loveliness.  On a completely different note I was cutting up some old jeans to turn into some sort of patchwork thing and noticed that a) the denim was quite soft and would be relatively easy to embroider, and b) the scrap I had was the perfect size for a 4" hoop.  And, being the craft stash junkie that I am, obviously I have a hoard of embroidery threads and needles just sitting there waiting to be used.  So with the stars thus aligned I started my first piece of embroidery for several years, and it was a real joy.  It took me quite a while for such a small piece, probably a whole day altogether. (Is that long for something like this?  I have no idea.)  Anyway I had fun and I hope it's not such a long time time before I feel moved to stitch again.