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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Redbubble Round-Up: Portraits

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For this week's round-up the theme is "portraits".  I've picked five works featuring portraits or faces. 

First up "Black Gold" by Igson.  I can't remember where I first saw this, but as soon as I did I fell in love with it.  She looks quite regal, but at the same time she's giving a pretty fierce side-eye as if to say, "Don't try me!". 

"Black Gold" Poster

Next, "A Female of Past - I Admit".  The artist says that is a portrait of an old love, though if asked by a current girlfriend, he says that it's Rosario Dawson.  I like the use of green ink - it has something of a comic book or graphic novel feel to it.
"A Female of Past - I Admit" canvas print

This next piece reminds me of one of my favourite pictures of myself, where I was sitting in much the same pose.  I like the way that the subject is relatively sharp against the much softer background, and the artist has captured the sheen and drape of the silk material beautifully.
"Portrait of a Woman Reading a Book in a Comfy Chair" Art Print

This lady reminds me of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Her eyes really pop against the muted tones of the rest of the picture.
"Ambre" metal print

Finally, another piece by the same artist behind the book-reading woman above.  This "Classic Portrait of a Woman With Flowers in Her Hair" reminds me of Cuba and the Caribbean for some reason.  Perhaps the remnants of some movie imagery that I've seen along the way.
"Classic Portrait of a Woman With Flowers in her Hair" poster

Which do you like best?

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Black and Gold

Back in September I bought some nesting triangle dies, but I've never used them! I knew I wanted to use the triangles to cover opposite corners of my card and I had recently seen some products from the Crafter's Companion Black and Gold Collection, which inspired the colour scheme.

I decided to use a black card base and cut the triangles from gold mirror card.  To add some interest I embossed the gold mirror card using the Crafter's Companion (CC) 3D Lace embossing folder (which I love but have also never used since I bought it!) and the black card with another CC embossing folder - Blooming Vines from the Country Garden collection.  I added some black flowers to the triangles, but they were a bit lacklustre so I added a few highlights with gold pen.  The sentiment is a Tattered Lace die that came with one of their magazines.

I used the off-cut from the die cut triangles to make a similar card.  This time I cut the flowers from gold card and the sentiment from black card.

Which do you like better?

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Society Sunday - Spring

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If you missed Society Sunday last week, sorry - I didn't forget, I'm just working to a new schedule.  From now on I'll be posting every other week.

I am so over Winter and ready for a change of season.  The days are already getting longer, which has lifted my spirits no end and inspired this week's theme - Spring.

First up, "Spring Blossom" by yours truly.  I LOVE the view of bright blue sky through foliage or blossom.  I took this picture on a crisp, Spring day at about this time last year. 
"Spring Blossom" Tote Bag

The colours of "Spring Butterfly Love" are very me.  The nebulous quality of the background adds some drama  and I like that the butterflies look a little bit other-worldly.  It looks great on a greetings card. 
 Spring Butterfly Love
"Spring Butterfly Love" Greetings Card

From rich colours to monotone and "The Thrush and a Promise of Spring".  I'm a big fan of the pen and ink style.  This piece really captures the fecundity of late spring.
"The Thrush and a Promise of Spring" Art Print

Another piece that has echoes of foliage against sky, which is probably what drew me to "All Over Again...".  Also the softness of the colours, and one of my all time favourite colour combinations - pink and teal. 
"It's All Over Again..." Wall Tapestry

And finally, "Spring 3 Blossoms".  I like the limited colour palette and the stylised flowers.
"Spring 3 Blossoms" Art Print
Head on over to Society 6 and take a closer look at these pieces and other works by these artists.  Today (11th March) get 25% off everything with code SPRINGAHEAD and 25% off Wall Art on Tuesday (13th March) with code LETSHANG,

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Redbubble Round-Up: Sky

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you follow one of the links and subsequently make a purchase I will receive a commission.

I found that I was struggling to keep up with my posting schedule so I've decided to change Redbubble Round-Up day to Saturday and also to do a post every other week.  This week the theme is "sky".

I love looking up at the stars in the night sky and Lake Tahoe Galaxy captures the magic of stargazing. 
Lake Tahoe Galaxy by stickersnstuff

Moody, stormy skies are one of my favourite skyscapes.  I like the turbulence and play between light and dark in "Lightning In The Sky 1".
Lightning in the Sky 1 by Zachary Golus

I love the whimsical quality of Terry Fan's art.  Several of his pieces feature a blend of the nautical and the astral, like this work "Ocean Meets Sky".
Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan

I was drawn to the magical quality of this next work, "Our Secret Harbor". Wouldn't you just love to be on that boat, under that starlit sky, with the lights from the clifftop dwellings twinkling as you float by?
Our Secret Harbor by Aimee Stewart

And finally, "Praying For Rain".  I love the shade of the blue and the lone cactus silhouette against the twilit, mottled sky adds some drama.
Praying For Rain by HDTaylor

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Lovely Flowers Card

Remember the free printable that I shared recently?  Well. I just wanted to show an example of a finished card:

Isn't it lovely (see what I did there)?  I also decoupaged the flowers for a little bit of extra interest.

It would make a lovely Mother's Day card, but the universal sentiment would make it suitable for almost any occasion.

Redbubble Round-Up: Geometric

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on one of the links below and then subsequently make a purchase, I will receive a commission.

So, it's time for another Redbubble round-up.  It's a double theme this week - I'll be looking at GEOMETRIC designs, but as there's 25% off Home Decor and Mugs (today only with code HOMESTUFF) , I'll also be highlighting home decor products.

First up is my design "Octagonal".  There's something about this design that reminds me of a swimming pool and the acrylic block really helps to accentuate that effect.  I think that it would look doubly good on a windowsill or somewhere where it would catch the sun.
"Octagonal" Acrylic Blocks by Merry Makewell Designs

Next up, "Pink, Grey & Gold Geo" Throw Pillow by Blue Banana,  This style of design is very popular right now. I love the mixture of muted pinks and greys with gold.  It would definitely suit a clean, minimalist setting.
"Pink, Grey & Gold Geo" Throw Pillow by Blue Banana

This "Kilim In Summer Shades..." design is in my favourite colour combination of pink and aqua/teal and the design is visually striking.  It's gorgeous!  It looks great on a duvet cover and could easily be teamed with pink or teal pillowcases for a more cohesive look.
"Kilim In Summer Shades..." Duvet Cover by MagentaRose

I really like this style of geometric landscapes.  Despite being very simple, the colours and shapes and the interplay between the different layers give an interesting and playful result.  This "Native Lands" throw pillow would be great in a kid's room.
"Native Lands" Throw Pillow by Jenny Tiffany

Finally, another one of my designs.  I love, love, love the "Geo Wheels - Red" surface pattern.   Here it is looking great on the tall mug.  It also comes in aqua and on a white background.

"Geo Wheels - Red" Mug by Merry Makewell Designs
Check out these and many more designs over on Redbubble.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Lovely Flowers - Free Printable

Over at Design Cuts the latest freebie of the week is Lovely Colors Flowers by Bloomart.

Lovely Colors Flowers 

I used the free set to create an A6 card front, which would be perfect for Mother's Day which is right around the corner.  I created two versions - one with the sentiment "With Love" and one with no sentiment so that you can add your own touch with stamps, a die cut or whatever you fancy.  There is also an extra sheet of flowers with the bouquet separated into layers so that you could decoupage them if you wanted to.

To access the printables simply click on the images below.

A6 Lovely Flowers Printable - no sentiment

A6 Lovely Flowers Printable - with sentiment

A6 Lovely Flowers Printable - decoupage flowers

Download the free graphics over at Design Cuts - but hurry, the offer ends at midnight Thursday 22nd Feb (that's tomorrow!)