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23 June 2021

Quick and Easy Floral Greetings Cards

I may have mentioned before that I absolutely love buying craft supplies!  It's bordering on an addiction.  The problem with that is that it is costly and the supplies take up a lot of space (that I don't have).  So I've been trying my hardest not to succumb to all the juicy deals that seem to keep popping up in my inbox lately 😩.  To help keep my cravings at bay, I've been scouring the "Freebies" section at Creative Fabrica.  It's the perfect foil to my buying habit - the products don't cost anything, they only take up space on my hard drive and I get to feel the same joy and satisfaction that I get from buying and receiving physical items 🙌.

Anyway, on to the project!  These floral greetings cards are really pretty and quick and easy to make.

 Aside from your computer and printer, you will need:
Step 1:
Download the clipart and import the images into a graphics program, e.g. Photoshop.  Adjust the size so that they are about 10 x 13cm (to fit an A6 card) or whatever dimensions you need for the card that you want to make.

Step 2:
Position the graphics so that they are one side of the page (rotate if required and use guides to help you position them), then print out.

Step 3:
Cut the A4 sheet in half, then score and fold to create two greetings cards and put them aside.

Step 4:
Create another page in your graphics program using the graphics from step 2, but this time fill the page, then print.

Step 5:
Cut out one central flower from each design on the printed sheet.

Step 6:
Use foam pads or dimensional glue to stick the cut flower onto the greetings card base to add dimension.

Step 7:
Download the font and install on your computer.

Step 8: 
In your graphics program create a new project with an A5 sheet.  Draw a rectangle to cover the sheet and fill it in black.

Step 9:
Using the text tool, select the Underwood Champion font and create a page full of short sentiments to cover a variety of occasions and lay them out onto the black background.  Select white for the font fill colour.  When you are happy with your sentiment sheet print it out.

Step 10:
Cut out one of the sentiment strips and attach it to the front of the greetings card.  

Your card is complete!  I chose to do some decoupage on the front because I think it adds something extra, but that is optional (steps 4-6). 

The sentiment sheet does take a little time to put together, but once you have done it choosing a sentiment is very quick.

You could easily make a stack of these to have on hand for any occasion or to sell or gift as a set.  

Head over to Creative Fabrica to grab these assets and make your own cards, or check out the vast selection of fonts and graphics (both free and paid for) and be inspired to bring your own creations to life.


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