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23 December 2019

Space Themed Name Plaque

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Last weekend my youngest had a birthday party to go to. I decided to make a name plaque for the birthday boy.  I know he likes football, but I wanted to go with something different. I had the Star Studded font in mind and so a space theme seemed like a good fit.

For all the components I glued 4 layers of 280gsm Kraft card together using PVA glue.  When the glue dries the resulting stack is nice and stiff and has the feel of chipboard or MDF.  I left them under something heavy while drying to prevent warping.

I started by creating the plaque base with my Brother Scan N Cut by welding rectangles and semi-circles together on the mat.  Rough dimensions were 20 x 10 cm rectangle + 25 x 7.5 cm rectangle + 2 x semi-circles with 50mm diameter.  Added 2 x 0.5cm holes at either end for hanging.  I also printed out the space background from a digital download collection from Creative Fabrica and cut one plaque shape from that.

I then cut the letters and saved the starry waste to use as small embellishments.   The actual font was a little more squat than I wanted so this is a slightly elongated version to fit the plaque better.  I used silver acrylic paint to cover the letters and stars.
The moon and planet were from the library of files that come pre-loaded with the Scan N Cut machine. Again I used acrylic paint on those.  Then it was simply a case of assembling the components.

Star Studded Font
Space Watercolor Backgrounds