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30 June 2018

Redbubble Round-Up: Inspired by Spanish Tiles

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on a link and subsequently make a purchase I will receive a commission.

So it's been a minute! After a longer-than-I-realised break I'm back for another Redbubble Round-Up.  I just uploaded a brand new design inspired by the intricate designs found on Spanish tiles, so this week's round-up features my new design and other Spanish tile inspired artwork.

So, here it is - "ST Entwined" by Merry Makewell Designs.  It's a gorgeous seamless pattern in teal and white that looks great on pretty much everything!  The photo shows the design on a floor pillow.

ST Entwined floor pillow
"Traditional Portuguese glazed tiles" is an actual reproduction of a traditional Portuguese tile pattern.  As the tiles form a repeating pattern it works really well with fabric items, like the tote bag.  I find this particular shade of blue very calming.

Traditional Portuguese glazed tiles Tote Bag

I like the use of two tones of blue, plus a tiny splash of colour in "Portuguese Tiles Quatrefoil Pattern".

Portuguese Tiles Quatrefoil Pattern Duvet Cover

From a tiny splash of colour to this lovely combination of pink, blue and yellow in "Old Floral Tiles":

Old Floral Tiles spiral-bound notebook

And finally, I like the combination of coral, orange and turquoise "Spanish Tile Vivaciouse".  The majority of Spanish/Portuguese style tiles that I have seen have been in blue and white.  The vibrant pops of colour really lift the whole design.

Spanish Tile Vivaciouse iPad Case