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14 February 2022

Mer-made for Each Other

Happy Valentine's Day 💝.  

I thought it would be fun to do 14 days of love by making 14 hearts, starting today with this punny heart.

  • Download items from the supplies list below.
  • Import the mercouple clip art (the artwork comes both coloured and black and white) into graphics program and resize to fit a 150mm x 150mm heart (my couple were 125mm tall).  Then printed that out.
  • The download includes jpg, png and svg formats.  Import the svg into Canvas Workspace and isolate the outer line only and export that to cut out the clip art. 

  • Scan the print layout of the mercouple into the ScanNCut (I really love that feature!), then line up the outline and cut out the couple.
  • Using the pre-installed shapes on the ScanNCut cut four (4) 150mm hearts from 0.6mm greyboard, and one (1) heart from patterned paper printed from the Serene Digital Waters collection.
  • I created the text (Mer-made for each other) in Canvas Workspace and used the "Fit to Path" function to get the text to curve around the top of the heart.
  • Cut the text from patterned card printed from the Serene Waters Digital Textures pack.
  • Cut out the Seaweed Stencil, resized to 200mm x 200mm from thick (Kraft) card.
  • Glue the 4 greyboard hearts together.  This will give a nice, rigid base.
  • Glue the patterned paper heart to the top of the greyboard stack.  (Leave to dry under something heavy so it doesn't warp.)
  • Mix three green shades of Aladine Izink Diamond Paint (turquoise, dark green and light green) and then pass that through the stencil at the bottom of the heart. (I chose to mix the colours but that is optional.)
  • Use silver Diamond Paint through the stencil to create bubbles.
  • Leave to dry, then glue the mercouple to the centre of the heart.
  •  Glue the text around the curve top of the heart.
  • Add some clear acrylic gems randomly across the heart.
  • Add a small heart between the couple. (I used Diamond Paint in pink.  If making this again I would make the heart bigger). 
  • Go over the mercouple's tails with a clear glitter pen so that they are glistening. (I didn't do that until after I'd taken the photo, but I like how it looks.)

Check out the process video:

Alafyou Swirly Font (download free as part of the Huge Font Bundle until 25/02/2022)
Acrylic gems

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