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15 February 2022

Rolled Paper Flower Heart

For the second heart in the 14 Hearts series, I decided to keep it simple with just a few rolled paper flowers and some foliage.  I really like the combination of bright colours with Kraft, so that was the colour scheme I chose.

  • Cut 2 scalloped hearts (145mm) from Kraft card and one from pink card.
  • Glue together.
  • Cut 2 hearts (125mm) from Kraft card and glue together.
  • Glue the smaller heart to the scalloped heart.
  • Cut 3 rolled paper flowers with the heart-shaped petals from pink paper.  (I used 135gsm. The large flower was set to130mm width and the smaller flowers were set to 100mm width.)
  • Cut 2 rolled paper flowers from purple paper (I set the size to 100mm width).
  • Cut various types of foliage from green card. Use different shades for added interest.
  • Make the flowers 
    • start from the outside and roll towards the centre
    • Keeping a loose hold of the top and bottom of the rolled flower allow it to unfurl a little.
    • Add glue to the end of the flower and hold it firmly against the bottom of the flower (use hot flue for quicker adhesion).
  • Glue the foliage down.
  • Glue the flowers down starting with the large pink flower at the centre and arranging the smaller flowers around it.

Process video (short):


Heart/Scalloped heart cut files - pre-installed on Brother ScanNCut
Kraft Card
Coloured Card

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